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You can get help with: Learn to use your: Learn to use social media:
• Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher • Backups
• Email
• Printers
• A slow computer
• Wireless connections
• Software, including anti-virus
• Buying and setting up a new computer
• Pictures and digital cameras
• eBay
• Website builders
• iPad
• iPhone
• Tablet
• Apple computer
• PC computer
• Windows 8
• Windows 7 • Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• YouTube
• WordPress
• Blogs
• Dropbox
• Pinterest
• Google Drive
• Constant Contact



Computer Troubleshooting:

How frustrating it can be when your computer does not work properly. With over 18 years of experience troubleshooting computer problems, Barbara Moore can:

 • Make a slow computer fast again

 • Solve printer problems

 • Connect a digital camera to the


 • Remove spyware

 • Update software

 • Install new software

 • Move programs and data from one

   computer to another

 • Set up a new computer

 • Set up email accounts

 • Help you purchase a new computer

Barbara Moore troubleshooting computer problems

Are you frustrated when using your computer?


For over 18 years Barbara Moore has been helping people like you end their computer frustrations.  You will learn from a patient and easy-to-understand teacher. Complex computer concepts will be made easy.


Barbara will come to your home or office and work side-by-side with you as you learn on your own computer. Together you will find the steps that work best for you. When done, you will have written step-by-step instructions and no more frustrations!


"To say that I have little confidence in my abilities to grasp most computer applications is a vast understatement. Yesterday's class reminded me however that I really can do more than I sometimes think I can.


"You have given me the skills I've needed to tackle PowerPoint!"

-- Patricia Stocker, Library Consulting

"Barbara has a special knack for making people comfortable when the technology is all very new to them. She has taught courses for us for over fourteen years. Her classes are very popular."

-- Debby Emerson, Assistant Director, Rochester Regional Library Council

"Barbara is talented, funny, and beautiful. I could go on and on. I think everyone should hire her."

-- June Moore (Barbara's mother)

"Barbara Moore of Net Results made a presentation to our group, RPCN (Rochester Professional Consultants Network) at our monthly speakers program. The topic was Advanced Tools and Techniques - Word and Excel.


"In the several years I have been attending these sessions, this was certainly one of the most helpful, productive, and well presented talks we have had.


"Barbara's mastery of the subject matter, coupled with her excellent presentation and wit made for a truly worthwhile experience for all in attendance, as evidenced by the congratulatory atmosphere displayed after the talk.


"I would strongly recommend Barbara for presentations to groups of any size and background."

-- John Bok, RPCN Program Coordinator

"Great presentation, Barbara. You are always very informative as well as entertaining. Your warm, comfortable style in teaching social media encourages even those who lean toward technophobia to jump in and give it a try. You are always engaging with well prepared and organized material. Bravo and well done, Barbara."

-- Jo Ann Lane, Customer Service Representative at Eastman Park Micrographics

Meet Barbara:

How often does the image of a middle-aged woman and former librarian come to mind when you think of a techie? Yes, that describes Barbara Moore, owner of Moore Results, a business that trains people how to use their computers and troubleshoots computer problems.


In 1996 Barbara started her business. This was after she had been a librarian for more than 25 years. She never dreamed that she would go into business for herself. But she loves it. She loves training.


Her last librarian position was as Assistant Director of Libraries for Automation at the University of Rochester. At the University she experienced first hand how exciting it is to access information on the Internet. She was a key player in the development of the University's web site.


Barbara has had the experience of working with computers in libraries. She installed the first automated library system for the Monroe County Library System -- a system of public libraries located near Rochester, New York.


One of her proud accomplishments from her library history:  Receiving Honorable Mention for her Barbie Doll morgue entry to American Libraries' 101-uses-for-a-dead-catalog contest (November 1982). (Well, think about it. Aren't Barbie Dolls a perfect fit for those old card catalog drawers?!!)


And if you want to go way back ... Barbara can tell stories of trudging to the computer center (uphill, in the snow, with no shoes of course) to keypunch Fortran code on computer cards.


Barbara believes in giving back to her community. She donates her time to maintaining websites and updating social media sites for the Rochester Women's Giving Circle, NOW - New York State and Rochester NOW.


She is a member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Network (RPCN) and follows its Code of Ethics.


You may enjoy reading the following articles. Barbara wrote all but four of the articles. All were published in Rochester, NY area newspapers, magazines and newsletters.


( Click on each title to open PDFs of the articles)



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