Windows 8 has two Internet Explorers:

  1. The “modern” (previously called metro) version that opens from the Start screen and
  2. The desktop version that opens, you guessed it, from the desktop. (See 11 Essential Tips for using Windows 8 for more about the Windows 8 Start screen and desktop.)

The desktop version is very similar to IE 9. You should have little difficulty using it. The modern version is quite different. The following tips provide a quick start guide for using the modern version of IE 10.

Tip #1 Tap or click the tile for Internet Explorer from the Start screen and IE fills the whole screen. You’ll notice there are no toolbars or menus.

Tip #2 There is no home page default. Either a blank page or the last page visited is displayed.

Tip #3 The address/search bar and the forward and backward buttons appear at the bottom of the screen when you right click on the page (tablet users swipe up from the bottom or down from the top of the screen).

Tip #4 The tab switcher is a bar at the top of the page which also appears when you right click on the page. Thumbnails of up to 10 open pages are shown in the tab switcher. Use the tab switcher to add, delete and switch among tabs.

Tip #5 Left click on the page to close the tab switcher and address bar.

Tip #6 Bookmarks are shared between the two Internet Explorers.

Tip #7 Print using the Devices icon on the Charms bar. Open the Charms bar by moving your mouse to the upper right or lower right corner of the screen. Tip #8 Email a page using the Share icon on the Charms bar.

Tip #9 The Charms bar also has a Settings icon. Click it for Internet Options, Help and Permissions.

Tip #10 Favorites are found at the bottom of the screen when you right click on the page. Click in the address bar and thumbnails of frequently viewed, favorite, and pinned sites appear. You can search for a favorite site by typing search words in the address bar.

Tip #11 The thumbnails of frequently viewed sites also appear in the desktop version’s History. Clearing History in the desktop version also will remove the thumbnails of frequently viewed sites in the modern version.

Tip #12 The modern IE 10 version does not support plug-ins. When a plug-in is needed, you will be switched automatically to the desktop version.


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