A few weeks ago my neighbor, who is nearly blind, called me all excited about Amazon’s Echo. She had been to a class for the blind and someone there was talking about how his wife, who is blind, loved Echo. My neighbor ordered one and I set it up for her. It took no time at all to get it up and going.

Echo, is a round cylinder – mainly composed of a speaker – to which you ask questions, like Siri. It’s sold by Amazon. You start any question or command with the name Alexa. For example:

Alexa, What is the weather for today?

Alexa, How do you spell pompous?

Alexa, where is the nearest library?

There are also some funny or entertaining questions you can ask it. Such as Alexa, how are you today? or Alexa, how much does the earth weigh?

The speakers are fantastic. I just returned from Thanksgiving at my cousin’s house in Phoenix. They had Alexa and we used it to play music all day long.

You can also create To Do and Shopping lists with Alexa as well as use it as a timer.

Do you have an Echo? If so, what do you ask Alexa to do for you?