The New York State Attorney General’s office has filed a lawsuit against Spectrum/Time Warner stating that the “company deliberately scammed customers by promising internet speeds its hardware was an incapable of providing.”  (Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle, March 17, 2017)

The AG office is asking people to test their Internet speeds by going to  The website tells you how to run the test (which takes about a minute – unless, of course, you have a slow connection!) and gives you a form to send your results in online. What I am not sure about is if it makes a difference if you test using wi-fi. Wi-fi is usually slower than a direct Internet connection. Nick Francesco who writes the Ask Nick column for the Democrat and Chronicle suggests if you really want to know your Internet speeds try several different speed test servers at different time of the day and average them together. He has a list of speed test sites at

I just ran the test for my Time Warner connection and got an average of 16 Mbps for my desktop which uses a direct Internet connection and 11.83 Mbps on my laptop using wi-fi.  I rarely have any problems watching Netflix or YouTube. I’m staying at a friend’s house in Brockport and ran the speed test on my same laptop using her wi-fi and got an average of 2.28 Mbps! This is very slow and I’m going to tell her to call Spectrum/Time Warner and complain.

Take a few minutes today and test your Internet speed. Let me know what you find out.