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Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore

A Computer Trainer for 20 years


Barbara Moore of Moore Results from The Digital Pixie on Vimeo.

Rochester, NY computer trainer assists with teaching individuals and helping them with their computer skills. She offers 1 on 1 training to provide training at your pace.

Self-described as a middle age former librarian turned computer trainer, Barbara will work with you to identify your needs and personal learning style. She schedules one-to-one training sessions to help you develop your comfort level with technology so you feel more confident.

I found a good teacher and not-at-all-geeky computer expert in Barbara Moore when I hired her to help me learn the ins and outs of digital photography. We worked side-by-side with her teaching me along the way. I appreciated her knowledge, her patience, and her humor.

Dorothy Madden

Organize it

Barbara knows computer technology like the back of her hand. Her rapid response to my emergency call saved me the permanent loss of important business files.

Sally Ward

Ward Leadership

Buying a computer is way down on my list of things I like to do. Thankfully, Barbara came to my rescue and made this task stress-free. She helped me buy a computer that fit my needs and budget, transferred files from the old to the new, and taught me how to use my new computer. If you are intimidated by computers, then I encourage you to call Barbara.  She makes technical concepts easy to understand and is fun to work with.

Dotty Harris

Computers can be frustrating!

Barabara knows how frustrating it can be when your computer does not work properly. With over 20 years of experience troubleshooting computer problems, she can get your equipment back in working order.

QuickBooks Stopped Working

A long-time client of mine suddenly discovered her 2011 version of QuickBooks would not load. One day it was working and the next day when she tried to open it she received the message "QuickBooks has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working...
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Windows 10 in a Nutshell

For people moving from Windows 7 (or even 8.1) to Windows 10 there's just a few things to know before you will be navigating Windows 10 with ease: Windows 10 was made to work well across all platforms - desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Therefore it works...
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Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

I have been using Windows 10 for some time now and after figuring out a few things (I'll write about these in my next blog post) have found it not too different than Windows 7. I've installed it for several clients and so far, knock on wood, all installs have gone...
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Make Good Use of Business Facebook Page

Congratulations. You have created your business Facebook page. You have succeeded in getting people to like your page. Now how do you keep your fans engaged? What do you post? Here are 10 tips to help you keep your Facebook business page fresh and interesting. Include...
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Online Reputation Management – Know What They’re Saying About You

People are using social media, email or other electronic tools to talk about your business. Are they saying good or bad things? Either way, you need to know in order to thank people for compliments or quickly fix problems. Two powerful tools are available to stay on...
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Contact Barbara Today tel:+1-585-748-1850.

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Providing one on one support for individuals helping them to develop a solid foundation in computer skills. Developing basic skills and feeling comfortable is a must in today’s environment.

Barbara is talented, funny, and beautiful. I could go on and on. I think everyone should hire her.

June Moore

Barbara's mother


Rochester, NY