Most people, at least around my age, know not to disclose too much information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms. They would never make public their social security number, phone number or street address. I, personally, do not want people to know when I am traveling and therefore do not post vacation pictures (which sometimes is very hard not to do). I also think it’s just good manners not to post party pictures – after-all there’s no reason to advertise that you had a party that not everyone was invited to.

As careful as we might be, social media knows a lot about us. For years, we’ve known that our search history is often linked to what ads we see.  For months after I bought a new snow thrower, which I researched via the Internet, I would continually see ads about, you guessed it, snow throwers.

In today’s paper an article from USA Today caught my eye. In this article, Facebook Can Tell When Teens Feel Insecure, it was reported that Facebook can “detect when users as young as 14 are feeling emotions such as defeat, stress, anxiety or simply being overwhelmed.”

As our president would tweet, Bad, Very Bad!