I was very excited to read an article in today’s Rochester newspaper, Democrat and Chronicle, about a proposal to spend $70 million to connect every home and business with state-of-the-art fiber-optic. The basic level of service would cost nothing at all. For better service, you would pay $50/month (which is approximately what I pay now). The Rochester City School District is pushing this proposal. No surprise, most of the classroom instruction and homework involves computers and the internet. Unfortunately, many students do not have internet access from their home. This proposal would certainly give them a leg up.

As you probably can guess, this proposal is going nowhere at this time as the article state “financing is a major obstacle; the state has dedicated broadband internet money, but thus far has targeted only rural communities with no internet access at all.”

Read the full article, Ambitious Plan Would Connect City to Fiber Internet.

So while I wait for the $70 million to appear, I will continue to lobby my neighbors to signup for Greenlight. Greenlight has an excellent reputation as a fast, reliable and less expensive cable to the internet. You need a certain mass before it will provide service to your neighborhood.