A long-time client of mine suddenly discovered her 2011 version of QuickBooks would not load. One day it was working and the next day when she tried to open it she received the message “QuickBooks has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” Not a very helpful error message (are they ever?). She rebooted her computer several times but always received the same error message.

Since she relies on QuickBooks to run her business, she called me to troubleshoot.

The first thing I did was search Google for a solution. A couple of answers appeared – one of which was to delete a specific file. None of these fixes worked. The second thing I did was to find the data file (ending in .qbw) and see if the program would open by clicking on the file – no luck with that either.

As my client religiously backed up her data, I didn’t have any qualms about uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. I downloaded the program from the web to get the latest version. That did not solve the problem. My client pointed out that a Windows 10 update had occurred that morning and perhaps that caused a conflict with the QuickBooks program. I restored Windows 10 to before the morning update. Still, the program would not open.

I called QuickBooks technical support and we were told that QuickBooks 2011 does not run on Windows 10. (My client had just been fortunate that it had worked for as long as it had on Windows 10.) The tech support guy (who was excellent, by the way) sold my client QuickBooks 2017 (we got him to go down to the price that Staples was selling it for) and installed it on her computer by taking remote control.  This was an excellent decision on our part to have him do the install as it took over 1.5 hours and there were several changes he made that we would not have known about. We did not let the techie guy off the phone until we had opened the database several times and was sure the database was backing up correctly.

My client told me the other day that QuickBooks 2017 is working very well for her and she is back in business.

I always like happy endings.