I have been using Windows 10 for some time now and after figuring out a few things (I’ll write about these in my next blog post) have found it not too different than Windows 7. I’ve installed it for several clients and so far, knock on wood, all installs have gone fine.

There are two reasons to use Windows 10:  1) It’s the latest Operating System and Microsoft has worked hard to make it better than Windows 8 and 2) You will get security updates until October 14, 2025.  If you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 you definitely want to upgrade to Windows 10.

Upgrading from Windows 7 is not quite as clear cut. If you like Windows 7 then stay with it. Microsoft will continue to provide security updates until Jan. 14, 2020. Many of my clients have opted to stay with Windows 7, knowing that sometime before 2020 they will buy a new computer and at that time make the switch to Windows 10.

The fact that you have until July 29 to get Windows 10 free has many people worried. It’s only if you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 that the July 29 date is important. The July 29 date is giving many people the impression that they have to upgrade and they have no choice in the matter. You do have a choice and one choice is not to upgrade.

If you do upgrade to Windows 10 and don’t like it you can go back to Windows 7, you have one month to do this (although I would do it sooner just to be sure). To revert back to your previous version of Windows click on Start, select Settings, click Update & Security and select Recovery. You should see a Go Back to Windows 7 or Go Back to Windows 8.1 option.  Follow the instructions.

If you did decide to upgrade, let me know how it went.