In these past two weeks I have entertained company by playing some clips of Samantha Bee (my favorite comedian) from her tbs show Full Frontal on my television set. I do not get the tbs channel. However, like many tv shows, Full Frontal can be seen a day or two after it airs on YouTube.

Every time I showed these clips, my friends were amazed that I could get YouTube on my tv. (Full disclosure, my friends, like me, are over 60 because anyone younger than us would go “duh” of course you can get YouTube on your television set.)

New television sets are almost all “smart” tv’s.  A smart tv is a set that you can connect to your wi-fi. Once it is connected to a wi-fi you can do multiple things, one of which is to view YouTube. (Watch 9 Cool Things to do with a Smart TV.) My television set is older so I needed something extra to turn it into a smart tv. The most well-known devices (also called players) that can do this are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku. (Check out Which Streaming Media Player Is Right for You for more information.)

I use Roku which is a very small box that connects to my tv via an HDMI port. Roku also comes with a remote control. When I first connected Roku it stepped me through connecting to my home wifi. Then I could pick from over 3,500 channels that I would watch the most and put them on my “Home” page – nobody wants to go through 3,500 channels each time to find what they want to watch. Some of these channels cost and some are free. The channels I watch the most are YouTube (free), NBC News (free), PBS (free), Amazon Prime (costs) and Netflix (costs). Check out the Roku How it Works page for more information.

I actually find that I watch less live tv and use my Roku more … just like the kids who hardly know what a tv is!!!

Let me know what device you use and how you like it.